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2020/07/10PodcastEpisode 28: Weiss Advice on Cost Segregation Analysis with Yonah WeissYonah is a powerhouse with property owners’ tax savings. As Business Director at Madison SPECS, a …2020-07-10 17:00:46
2020/07/03PodcastEpisode 27: Being 100% in Control of Your Destiny with Brian BriscoeBrian creates passive real estate investment opportunities for working professionals. He is co-founder of Four …2020-07-03 17:00:03
2020/06/26PodcastEpisode 26: Syndication Made Easy with Vinney ChopraVinney Chopra is a sought after multi-family syndication expert. Over the past 12 years he has …2020-06-26 17:00:06
2020/06/25PodcastEpisode 25: Fail Compilation with Stuart Grazier, David Pere, Jonathan New and Anthony PintoThis month’s Today’s Topic is all about our failures. I live by the saying “You …2020-06-25 14:36:24
2020/06/12PodcastEpisode 24: Boosting Your NOI with Kevin GardnerKevin spent nearly 20 years with Comcast, including time as the Midwest Division Vice President …2020-06-12 16:00:25
2020/06/05PodcastEpisode 23: Working with Brokers When You Aren’t Local with Logan FreemanLogan Freeman is a real estate investor, developer, and agent who has found his niche …2020-06-05 16:00:43
2020/05/29PodcastEpisode 22: Passive Investing Tips with Jennifer Barner and Brett BumgarnerJennifer Barner is a self-made woman that is crushing real estate in Kansas City. Together …2020-05-29 15:50:11
2020/05/29PodcastEpisode 21: Roles of a Syndication with Anthony PintoIn our monthly spinoff episode, Today’s Topic, Anthony answer’s a question posed by a fellow …2020-05-29 15:45:20
2020/05/15PodcastEpisode 20: Navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic with Matt FairclothMatt Faircloth has been a full-time investor for 15 years. As the CEO of Derosa …2020-05-15 17:00:30
2020/05/10PodcastEpisode 19: Crushing Limiting Beliefs at 24 with David ToupinDavid Toupin is a Top Millennial real estate investor, speaker, and entrepreneur. David is the co-founder of …2020-05-10 01:37:09
2020/05/10PodcastEpisode 18: Hard Lessons Learned from a Seasoned Military Investor with Stuart GrazierStuart Grazier is an active duty Navy pilot who has served 18 years. In June …2020-05-10 00:11:36
2020/04/24PodcastEpisode 17: Adding Value while Living Abroad with Matthew BaltzellMatthew Baltzell hosts the podcast Real Estate Journeys and is a real estate investor who …2020-04-24 14:49:59
2020/04/17PodcastEpisode 16: Having Conversations and Raising Capital with Bill AllenBill Allen a veteran  real  estate investor, CEO and Owner of 7 Figure Flipping, where …2020-04-17 17:30:17
2020/04/10PodcastEpisode 15: Building a Track Record in Real Estate Investing with Jonathan NewJonathan New’s real estate career began in July 2007 when he purchased and house hacking …2020-04-10 04:00:11
2020/04/03PodcastEpisode 14: Real Estate Investing Through the Decades with Mark LangdonMark Langdon has been investing in residential real estate since 1991. Mark continues to work …2020-04-03 04:00:25
2020/03/25PodcastEpisode 13: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt with Anthony PintoIn this episode, Anthony talks about overcoming the fear of owning large amounts of real …2020-03-25 06:49:42
2020/03/18PodcastEpisode 12: Real Estate Taxes: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You with Brandyn CoxBrandyn Cox is the owner of BMC Accounting LLC and is an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled …2020-03-18 11:53:11
2020/03/13PodcastEpisode 11: Leveraging Marketing to Build Your Brand with John CasmonJohn Casmon is a real estate entrepreneur, who has partnered with busy professionals to invest …2020-03-13 02:00:17
2020/03/09PodcastEpisode 10: The Key to Success in Multifamily Investing and ADPI Helps with Eric UpchurchEric Upchurch is an Army Special Operations veteran who grew up in Central Iowa before …2020-03-09 07:37:59
2020/02/26PodcastEpisode 9: Learn to Be a Great Connector with Melanie McDaniel  Melanie is a product of the American school system. She was taught to go …2020-02-26 20:00:06
2020/02/20PodcastEpisode 8: 5 Traits of a Good Mentee with Anthony PintoThis week I decided to switch it up and we will be covering a topic …2020-02-20 22:33:50
2020/02/14PodcastEpisode 7: Why You Need a Great Property Manager on Your Side with Trina PicenoTrina serves as the Chief of Operations with WR Property Management, a full-service property management company servicing the …2020-02-14 05:28:16
2020/02/07PodcastEpisode 6: Forming the Perfect Partnership with Tim Kelly  Real estate investor, Syndicator and educator, Best Selling author. Tim Kelly is an active …2020-02-07 04:25:15
2020/01/31PodcastEpisode 5: How Hard Work Can Turn You into a Millionaire with Phil CapronPhil is the best-selling author of the book, “Your VA loan and How it can make you a Millionaire?” Multifamily …2020-01-31 20:00:00
2020/01/17PodcastEpisode 4: From Flips to Multifamily Buy and Hold with Larry PendletonLarry is the Chief Financial Officer of Next Level Investments LLC. Next Level Investments mission …2020-01-17 15:23:18
2020/01/15PodcastEpisode 3: Property Management, Problem Solver With Christopher BenedictChris is a pretty good friend with a sharp wit, and you’ll definitely get a …2020-01-15 22:10:01
2020/01/14PodcastEpisode 2: Hire Slow, Fire Quick with David PereDavid Pere is an Active Duty Marine and joined the Marine Corps in August of 2008. Since …2020-01-14 17:20:41
2020/01/12PodcastEpisode 1: Active Duty Passive Income with Mike FosterFormer Naval Officer, Real Estate Investor, Mike Foster. He is a graduate of the Naval …2020-01-12 18:18:48
2020/01/10PodcastEpisode 0: Welcome to the Lessons in Real Estate Show!Welcome to the Lessons in Real Estate Show, where we show you the lessons learned …2020-01-10 22:20:51