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PCI Teaches Videos

Educational videos to teach you basic and advanced topics in Real Estate Investing.

2020/04/20PCI TeachesWhat is a Cap Rate?What is a cap rate? Why does it matter so much? How can it unlock …2020-04-20 17:21:33
2020/04/20PCI TeachesUsing Other People’s Money (OPM )Many business owners and individuals use the term “OPM” (Other People’s Money) but don’t really …2020-04-20 16:55:21
2020/04/20PCI Teaches5 Traits of a Good MenteeThere are some key qualities of a good mentee that will contribute to the success …2020-04-20 16:12:22
2020/03/18PCI TeachesDebt ServiceWhat is Debt Service and why does it matter? How is your cashflow affected by …2020-03-18 21:31:48
2020/03/18PCI TeachesCash on Cash ReturnWhat is a Cash-on-Cash return in the Real Estate Market?   The goal is to …2020-03-18 21:20:59
2020/03/18PCI TeachesSingle Family Home Vs. MultifamilyHow can you make money investing in Single Family Homes versus Multifamily properties?   Think …2020-03-18 21:08:07
2020/03/18PCI TeachesForced AppreciationWhat is Forced Appreciation of Multifamily property?   Want to know how raising rents by …2020-03-18 20:21:46
2020/02/21PCI TeachesVetting a Virtual Assistant (VA)How Do You Find an Affordable Virtual Assistant?   So you’ve decided you need a …2020-02-21 08:50:57
2020/02/21PCI TeachesHow to find a Virtual Assistant (VA)How do you FIND an Intelligent Virtual Assistant?   Need an affordable virtual assistant? Someone …2020-02-21 08:34:14
2020/02/21PCI Teaches3 Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Assistant (VA)3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need A Virtual Assistant (VA)   Ever heard of Virtual …2020-02-21 08:10:05
2020/02/21PCI Teaches5 MORE Reasons to Invest in MultifamilyAnd you thought there was only 5 reasons…   Think owning multifamily properties couldn’t get …2020-02-21 07:55:33
2020/02/21PCI TeachesWant to know how to Make Money in Multifamily Investing?Want to know how to Make Money in Multifamily Investing?    Want to learn about …2020-02-21 07:42:59
2020/02/14PCI TeachesAccredited vs Non-Accredited InvestorsNeed Accredited Investors for Your Deals?   What’s an Accredited Investor and why are they …2020-02-14 06:17:49
2020/02/14PCI TeachesSyndication vs Joint VentureHarness the power of Multifamily through Partnerships   Want to buy real estate but don’t …2020-02-14 06:09:08
2020/02/14PCI Teaches5 Reasons to Invest in Multifamily Real EstateBuying Multifamily Real Estate can Make you Rich! Want to know how? Apartment building investing …2020-02-14 06:06:11
2020/02/14PCI TeachesAnalyzing a MarketDon’t know how to get Started in Real Estate? How to Analyze a Real Estate …2020-02-14 05:37:14
2020/02/09PCI Teaches5 Potential Markets to Start inSuggested Real Estate Market in 2020   Location, location, location is THE real estate quote. …2020-02-09 08:13:37
2020/02/09PCI TeachesActive vs. Passive InvestorHow Do you Make Passive Income in Real Estate? Do you want to be active …2020-02-09 07:58:55