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OUR STORY - "There has to be something more..."

Ever have that thought? When you look up and realize your life is flashing by you? That exact thought came to me several hundred feet under the ocean during a routine underway...

Getting out of the Navy after my five-year commitment was always the plan. What I was actually going to do though: no freaking clue. What if by getting out of the Navy and transitioning into the civilian world I was simply transferring from a military uniform to a civilian uniform with the same time commitments, the same type of toxic leadership, the same lack of mobility. How could I start living life the way I truly wanted to live it?

I was going to “carpe diem” and that started with finding a job in which I could leverage my work ethic and handiness, and which provided passive income, flexible hours and the opportunity to travel the world when I wanted.

And so Pinto Capital Investments was born.

Peggy and I believe a rising tide lifts all boats so we are dedicated to:

1. Educating our investors on all aspects of buying apartment buildings: both the benefits and risks
2. Generating long-term wealth through SMART apartment building and commercial real estate acquisitions.