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More Testimonials

Mike Foster

Co-founder of Active Duty Passive Income, Host of the popular Active Duty Passive Income Podcast

"I’ve been watching Anthony grow since he got started in real estate and not many people have impressed me like he has. He is results driven, disciplined, and cautious on his investments. Definitely a person I chose to invest with every time."

Joseph Bridenstine

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Doctor

"Anthony is a true team player. If you spend the time getting to know him and express your interest in real estate investing, he will do everything he can to help you to succeed! With all the connections and networking Anthony has done, he is someone you definitely want in your corner. This man is all about action and getting things done, so I can't wait to see what things he accomplishes in the years to come."

Vadim Reytblat

Principal, AYD Capital

"James Clear suggests 1% improvements every day to achieve lifelong success.. Anthony is easily achieving 10x that mark. Anthony shows day in, day out what it means to take control of your life while bringing value to everyone around him. And more indicative of his character, everything he learns along the way he pays forward to those around him with the only expectation being that they join him in the winner's circle when they're ready. I'll join you in the winner's circle soon, my friend!"

Erica Osborn

Real Estate Investor, VA Real Estate Agent, THINK Real Estate Team

“Anthony is a true connector in our real estate investment community. He looks out for everyone around him, making sure that each person he connects with is getting only the best from him. Every opportunity he has to bring value to the people around him whether that be advice, information or connections he will make it happen. I am blessed to have him in my circle!”

Melanie McDaniel

President, Freestyle Capital Group

“Anthony has shown impressive growth in knowledge and application since meeting him just about a year ago. He's a true representation of someone who walks the talk and applies his knowledge immediately. Anthony is on the fast track to exponential growth! His hunger for knowledge, consistency in working his systems, and reliability in showing up for conferences and networking events make him someone to watch to see where all his hard work and initiative will take him.”

Jonathan New

Principal, New REI LLC

"Anthony is an incredibly ambitious up and coming real estate mogul. He is tackling advanced strategies and practices with a thoughtful and careful manner. He knows exactly where to go and who to reach out to to accomplish his goals. I am thrilled to work with him and help each other grow as investors."