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Episode 5: How Hard Work Can Turn You into a Millionaire with Phil Capron

Phil is the best-selling author of the book, “Your VA loan and How it can make you a Millionaire?” Multifamily investor and veteran, Phil first started using his VA loan to buy a property in Norfolk which serving as a Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman (SWCC). Since then he has represented many VA sellers and buyers and has been a strong proponent of the VA loan as a way to build wealth through real estate while serving. As a multifamily investor, Phil has partnered with many skilled operators across the country to buy heavy-lift properties and repositioning them into cash flowing, clean, affordable housing. Phil controls approximately 250 units across the Hampton Roads and Richmond, VA markets.


  • Bought his first property using a VA loan in 2010, when he moved from California to Norfolk, his first duty station, and always kind of knew that there was something to real estate.
  • Sold homes to and for his buddies, and then got into the flipping game before finally taking action on the knowledge that owning assets is how you become wealthy. He then bought his first small apartment building: a 13 unit.
  • Will power and determination
  • Residential loan to a commercial loan, which was ended up being a lot more beneficial in terms of the closing process.
  • Real estate investing is solving problems as they come up that you had no idea would pop up on your horizon.
  • Education is awesome, but too much of it can be a bad thing and need to take action.

Snapshot Round:

  1. 1.What is the number one thing you need as a new investor to get started?Tenacity, the ability to get back up when you’ve gotten knocked down because the answer as a new investor is pretty much always going to be no.
  2. What is one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? People tell me no all the time I make offers on properties.
  1. What is your dream fail?My dream is to sell 1 million copies of your VA loan. So I’m giving myself 15 years in which to accomplish that goal.

Phil Contact:

  3. Go Abundance (
Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto is the founder and CEO of Pinto Capital Investments (PCI), a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring affordable and workforce multifamily properties and apartment buildings through syndications. Since 2019, PCI has gone full cycle on 2 large apartment complexes (+100 units) with an IRR in excess of 85%.