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Episode 27: Being 100% in Control of Your Destiny with Brian Briscoe

Brian creates passive real estate investment opportunities for working professionals. He is co-founder of Four Oaks Capital, a firm that specializes in investing in apartment communities, and has over $8 million in assets.  He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and brings years of leadership and management experience to his real estate investments. As a Marine officer, he has proven his ability to plan, lead, and effectively accomplish missions in both training and combat situations. He has actively invested in real estate since 2007. Brian is an “Advisor” in Michael Blank’s Deal Maker Mastermind, is featured on numerous podcasts, and speaks at various real estate investing events across the country. 



  • “Most biggest lesson I learned is I am 100% in control my destiny”. 
  • You can take life in your own hands, there are a lot better options for those who are willing to take advantage 
  • Be an entrepreneur and take control of their own life and go see the world. 
  • Having a mentor is important, treat it as your guidance.  
  • Your mentor is not going to push you to the end if you’re not willing to put in the time. 
  • You can spend all this money on mentors, but if you’re not coachable, then it doesn’t matter, you’re essentially wasting your money. 

Snapshot Round: 

  1. What is your number one failure?I wish I would have a mindset shift earlier than I did.
  2. What is your number one success? My family
  3. What is one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? Go out and do it is what it is, don’t wait to find the perfect opportunity. 
  4. What is your dream?My dream is to be able to help people whenever I want. 

Brian’s Contact: 

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Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto is the founder and CEO of Pinto Capital Investments (PCI), a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring affordable and workforce multifamily properties and apartment buildings through syndications. Since 2019, PCI has gone full cycle on 2 large apartment complexes (+100 units) with an IRR in excess of 85%.