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Episode 17: Adding Value while Living Abroad with Matthew Baltzell

Matthew Baltzell hosts the podcast Real Estate Journeys and is a real estate investor who works in investor relations at Boardwalk Wealth, a private equity company based in Dallas, Texas which specializes in acquiring large multi-family apartments in the US. His current focus is on helping investors scale their business to 100 units and become location independent. Matthew is originally from Denver, Colorado and currently lives abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he and his wife just had their first child.


  • You need to find the value that you can add.
  • You have to be clear about what you want to do within real estate.
  • You can’t compare yourself to someone because there are so many different aspects to think about.
  • Think creatively about making a deal work. At the end of the day, real estate investors are problem solvers.

Snapshot Round:

  1. What is the number one thing you need as a new investor to get started? Relationships are key, as far as multifamily is concerned, the bigger you scale, the more team members you’re going to need to add. 
  2. What was one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? As far as investing is concerned, you have to think creatively.
  3. What is your dream? My dream is to be as independent, have my family be as independent as possible.

Matt’s contact:

Website: https:\\

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Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto is the founder and CEO of Pinto Capital Investments (PCI), a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring affordable and workforce multifamily properties and apartment buildings through syndications. Since 2019, PCI has gone full cycle on 2 large apartment complexes (+100 units) with an IRR in excess of 85%.