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Episode 16: Having Conversations and Raising Capital with Bill Allen

Bill Allen a veteran  real  estate investor, CEO and Owner of 7 Figure Flipping, where he leads the top house flipping and wholesaling mentoring groups in the nation. In 2019, after running mastermind groups and events as the COO, Bill purchased the training and development company, House Flipping HQ. Bill founded Blackjack Real Estate, LLC in 2015 with the mission of helping homeowners sell their homes for cash. The company started in Pensacola, FL and over time has expanded to Chattanooga and Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL. Based out of Nashville, TN, Bill and his team currently flip and wholesale 200+ deals per year in Tennessee and northern Florida.


  • After the 2008 crash, he bought live in, fix and flips.
  • Quickly realized that real estate was making way more money than the stock market.
  • “Your mindset will control your success”.
  • Limiting Beliefs: Put all your excuses up on a board and address them.
  • It could take your one day or 3 years to make it big.
  • 2 Steps to Overcoming Not Having Money: 1. The money will not stop from getting deals done because I know how to have a conversation and 2. Is to not think that you’re asking for a loan; you’re providing an opportunity

Snapshot Round:

  1. What is your number one failure in real estate? I lost $70,000 in a house because I bought it because it was right next to a railroad track. And I didn’t know how deadly railroad tracks were to houses.
  2. What is the number one thing that has contributed to your success? My military background and the way that I was raised as a kid from my dad; leadership.
  3. What is the one nugget of investing knowledge you want to give us? Take action, just go out and do something. 
  4. What is your dream? Money is not going to get you very far. Money is just a means to something. Now it’s about kind of getting some of my time back. 


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Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto
Anthony Pinto is the founder and CEO of Pinto Capital Investments (PCI), a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring affordable and workforce multifamily properties and apartment buildings through syndications. Since 2019, PCI has gone full cycle on 2 large apartment complexes (+100 units) with an IRR in excess of 85%.