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We are a private real estate investment firm focused on education and long-term, buy-and-hold apartment buildings and commercial real estate acquisition.

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We provide comprehensive multifamily investment education as well as numerous investment opportunities for wealth generation. If you’d like to invest, our process is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply fill out our online form so that we can learn about your goals, specifications, and investor qualifications. Once we’ve completed the review, we’ll get back to you immediately to discuss your potential future with Pinto Capital! 

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We first identify a commercial real estate property that meets our strict underwriting standards in secondary and tertiary growth markets. We focus on a value-add strategy where we can bring our asset management experience and local connections to bear and maximize value for both our investors and our tenants.

After the property is under contract, we perform on-site due diligence of the physical asset and a financial audit of the leases and business documents.

If satisfied that the site and financials are in order, our SEC attorneys draw up the necessary legal documents to have investors evaluate the deal, express interest, sign required documents and wire the funds needed for closing.

After closing, we work hand-in-hand with the local property management team to enact the business plan while focusing on community building and maximizing returns for our investors. Once the first distributions have been released, you can sit back and enjoy quarterly tax-benefited cashflow straight to your bank account.

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Are you seeking financial freedom? A new life that is prosperous and untethered from the everyday grind? Pinto Capital has opportunities for investors that come from a range of educational backgrounds and business experiences.

We provide lucrative passive investment opportunities for both accredited and sophisticated investors, as well as comprehensive educational videos so you can make the best financial decisions for your future. Our investors enjoy everything from cash flow to appreciation, capital preservation, and tax mitigation and benefits.

We open opportunities to invest in buy-and-hold apartment buildings and commercial real estate acquisition. With over $2.6 million raised in investor capital, an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of over 85%, and three dozen investors committed since 2019, PCI has taken full advantage of real estate syndication. And now you can too.

Our large multifamily investment assets can match an array of investor profiles. Whether you are highly liquid with an aggressive risk tolerance and decades of experience, or are a beginner with very conservative risk tolerance and minimal liquid assets, we have opportunities for you!

Take Your Life From Average to Amazing

Not everybody feels satisfied with the direction their financial goals are heading.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. In fact, these same concerns plagued me, as I contemplated the end of my five-year Navy commitment. I knew that a simple change in uniform was going to provide the financial freedom and flexibility I sought in life. But how do you escape immobility?

With Pinto Capital Investments (PCI) I’ve discovered how to unlock a new life of financial freedom, helping investors everywhere to do the same. Through historically profitable and lucrative multifamily assets, you too can enjoy a full range of life-changing benefits.

No longer does your money need to wait patiently to start working for you. Through a passive and hassle-free investment, you can generate long-lasting wealth while reaping the many advantages of tax mitigation, capital preservation, appreciation, and more.

Put your money to work in the rewarding world of multifamily real estate investments. How long will it take to achieve life-long self-reliance? Find out with us today…

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Investing in multifamily assets can be highly lucrative. In fact, apartment building investing is one of the most durable and productive financial mechanisms available. Tax advantages, passive income streams, and portfolio diversification are just some of the many benefits. Learn more by getting this free sample deal package, and see how Pinto Capital Investments turns your capital into lasting wealth generation!

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